Sunday, October 16, 2005

COMPETITION: 'Shtreimel 18 Months From Now'

pls read my previous two posts; thanks

Hello all.

Hope your Succas are all up, decorated and you have purchased your 'Arabah Minim' . If you are organized enough to have it all sorted you might want to have a go at the competition I have just launched.


1) In as many words as you want, tell us what you think Shterimels position will be in 18 months from today. What do you think his religious, secular, mental states etc will be?

2) Try to be logical. Use that part of your brain. (I know it can be hard, but that's the challenge!). Entries that are judged to be merely an emotional rant will unfortunately be rejected.

3) Use whatever language you need to make your point. Do not be insulting, rude or crude just for the sake of being insulting rude or crude.

4) Entries that have something interesting to say will be put up on the main part of the blog in a format still being formulized by the organizers.

I am looking forward to read what you have to say.

Chag Someiach & I hope the weather holds.



Blogger Needsabetterjob said...

How we doing w/ this one then, much interest in your brainstorm?

I am not sure what you are looking at here, literary works, let our imaginations flurry?

OK I'll be a dufus.
Let's see, will he ever leave his wife and children? No.

It's like, it's a male thing, the whole dilema. Men are eternal boys. A man in his 50's still lusts after hot chicks sitting next to him on the train, it's that sort of thing.

Yeah why don't you make this into a poll you might have more luck w/ that.

I give everything away for free. aren't I the dope?

4:26 PM  

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